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Bracket pair highlighting

Screenshot from the plugins' readme

Since using VSCode I used the Bracket-Pair-Colorizer-2 plugin to make it easier to follow brackets.

Though couple of minutes ago (2021-12-16 00:20 GMT-5) a little VSCode notification popped up telling me Bracket-Pair-Colorizer-2 is now unmaintained 😢

Luckily curious me clicked the provided link to get more details which took me to the plugins readme with a nice little info (congrats to such a successfull plugin 🥳) and how to enable the now natively included bracket highlighting.

So I uninstalled the plugin (also v1 which I had just disabled 🧐) and added the following to my settings.json

  "editor.bracketPairColorization.enabled": true,
  "editor.guides.bracketPairs": "active"

which yields an even more satisfying result, at least for my liking 🥰

Screenshot with example of native bracket highlighting in VSCode
Screenshot of a little TailwindCSS plugin I wrote to help a fellow Tailwindian in the GitHub discussions

More settings to follow, so stay tuned to make your development workflow more pleasant 😉

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