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Using a desktop browser

  1. Go to your private messages in Twitter
  2. Click on a few chats and compare the IDs in the URL
  3. Identify which ID stays the same
  4. Congrats, this is your personal Twitter User ID 🥳


I've stumbled upon this cool link on the website by @danestves which opens a private chat on Twitter with the specified recipient in this case Daniel of course.

As I like the idea of using deep-links like this or direct share URLs which don't require JavaScript I decided to add it to my page.

Only problem was that I didn't know my Twitter User ID 😳 and all tutorials I've found wouldn't work anymore because of design changes in the Twitter frontend.

Alternatives were trusting a website with my data (I know it's public but anyway) or using the Twitter API myself, which I haven't started using yet 😅

You can try it out using PM via Twitter link right below this post. 💬

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